About The Total Makeover Challenge

What Is The Total Makeover Challenge

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why We Do It.

This 16 week program is for adult women who are looking for an opportunity for inner and outer growth.   It is divided into 3 segments. For a quick overview on the program please go to…

Segment 1

The Biggest Loser Segment.

The purpose of this first segment is to learn about nutrition and important aspects to benefit weight loss; start a fitness program at a local gym to improve cardio health, reshape the body and to increase endorphins for improved mental health; and gain personal growth by understanding more about oneself, one’s passions and purpose in life.

Weekly meetings include weigh and measures, sharing and bonding with the tribe and learning amazing tips from guest speakers on self esteem, social media, makeup applications and financial makeovers.   Challengers will also start blogging on their “transformation journey” on their own profile page and begin practising gratitude on the 100 Days of Happiness.

Gifts for this segment include a complimentary gym membership, Human Needs Assessment with a Personal Coach, Body Analysis and 1hr Consultation, Hungry for Happiness 21 day package and “The Real Me” Weekend Seminar.

The segment ends with 1 week of voting which takes place on the contest platform of the local newspaper and where family and friends are invited to vote. At the final event, The Amazing Race, every-one gets to celebrate their accomplishments with various awards given out and 15 Challengers will be announced to continue to the second segment.  

Section 2

The Apprentice Segment.

The purpose of this segment is to continue with nutrition and fitness plus learning about leadership, personal working style, team building and public speaking while also implementing a Self Care program.   

For the Apprentice Segment, Challengers are broken up into teams and are given the task of throwing a fundraising event together within 3 weeks.  These events are judged on various criteria by local business people who then provide feedback on the different aspects of the event.

This segment is where the magic begins with huge growth in challenger’s confidence, determination and a CAN DO attitude.  This is where the bonding grows deeper and the life long friendships are created. It is also a great time to get to know your community through networking and having such a great feeling of satisfaction by helping local charities.  Proceeds from the fundraisers go to Shape Your World Society and a charity of the team’s choice.

Gifts for this segment include a complimentary gym membership, professional hairstyle, makeup, and photoshoot and 1hr wellness coaching. Other gifts, depending on the city challenge, include yoga and fitness memberships, Tanning and Red Light Therapy, Self Defense Classes and other personal coaching workshops. (Please note gifts vary from city to city.  Please check out your city’s gifts by visiting your city page.)

At the end of the segment once again there is a voting week and then a final event called The Little Black Dress Cocktail Party where friends and family are invited to celebrate the challengers accomplishments and find out who made it into the Top 6!

WILDCARD CHALLENGE is also part of  the second segment. This is a competition set up for the Challengers who do not make it into the second segment.  They compete for a spot in the third and final segment. Wildcard Challengers join in the weekly meetings, weigh and measures and apprentice events.   The purpose of this challenge to keep everyone working on their goals for health, weight loss and personal growth.

Section 3

Top Model Segment.

The purpose of this third and final segment is to SHOWCASE the new you in a Fashion Show.  

The new you will have a healthier and fitter “outside” and a stronger, more confident “inside”

Gifts include a gym membership, professional haircut and color, makeup and photoshoot, leadership retreat, dinner out, Hair Masque, and Walking Poles.  Other gifts, depending on the city, includes pedicure/manicure, Lashes and other coaching packages. (Please note gifts vary from city to city.  Please check out your city’s gifts by visiting your city page.)

Once again the segment ends with a voting week and then a final event called the Shape Your Vogue Gala where the winner will be announced.   The amazing confidence and the personal friendships that have developed during the challenge is heartwarming and everyone is a winner at this point.  The confidence and feeling of having “done it” is obvious as we all celebrate together how these women have grown, evolved and been empowered through the 4 month Total Makeover Challenge.

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